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Title Octagonal Shrine
Nearby Tong-nou (Central Mountain)
Area ID(s) E_LAST

Par-fang ( Pa.png A Hu A N), the Octagonal Shrine, is the last location in Tong-nou. It is the site of the climax of the game, where Rin must release his soul and Tou-gyou at the end of the game. The shrine is sealed with magic on all sides, except for a window on the roof through which Rin can enter.


The Octagonal Shrine is an octagonal room, with four statues of the four main kings positioned on the diagonal sides of the room, which are entangling and binding various Magatamas, including Rin's own Earth Magatama. The statues may be talked to once Rin has access to the room, and depending on Rin's progress throughout his second life, they say different things. On one wall's ceiling is a window, which Rin can climb out of if he needs to leave for any reason.




The Octagonal Shrine's only practical application is as the site of the very end of the game. If the player is not yet done, they should probably retreat. In addition, once the player uses the Katana of Five Forces, Rin is locked into the finale sequence and can no longer retreat. Once the player is ready, they may use the Katana of Five Forces while facing the spinning web to initiate the final sequence, slice the webbing and grab his Earth Magatama. Upon obtaining the final Magatama, the slough of Rin's soul appears, and Rin must approach it and insert the five Magatamas of his soul.

Upon successfully doing so, Rin's soul will return, and Tou-gyou will appear to speak to Rin. After his speech, a fifth statue appears (of Tou-gyou himself), as Rin's soul flies from the Octagonal Shrine, the camera panning upwards, and the final text crawl begins before the credits.

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