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Title Room of Greed
Nearby Yui-wang

Tong-shi, the Room of Greed, is room within the Helix Palace Luo-shang. The shelves on either side of the room have several instances of gold, gems, and jewelry, each containing a soul that King-gyou trapped inside. At the front of the room is a large chest, which requires a Key of Gold to open. Inside the chest are three items in this order: a Small Mallet, a Gold Ingot, and an Eyeball-Stone.


Tong-shi is an odd, hexagonal-shaped room. The back wall is the entrance/exit of the room. Along the front wall is a locked golden chest. For the remaining four walls to the sides, there are various valuables that each contain a soul that was trapped by King-gyou. On the western half of the room, the left wall has 4 portraits that, when clicked on, feature representations of the other 4 rooms of the Helix Palace; the right wall features 5 cups and dishes, with the center-most plate hiding the Key of Gold. On the eastern half of the room, the left wall features 7 pieces of jewelry (3 necklaces and 4 gems) that describe King-gyou; the right wall features 4 mannequins (one silent) who do the same.



Tong-shi is a very cryptic room, but it's fortunately optional. Nonetheless, if you want to get an extra item, it can be worth your time to engage with it. To get the Key of Gold, one must simply find it; it is hidden in the central shallow dish in the set of 5 cups and dishes. From there, it is as simple as opening the chest.

The chest is unique, in that the player may only take one of the three items it presents them with. The three items in the gold chest have vastly different qualities that the player should consider before taking.

  • Taking the Small Mallet here isn't very practical because it's already available as one of the six items King-gyou offers the player when entering Luo-shang. In fact, it's possible to enter this room while already holding the Small Mallet, making it even less valuable.
  • Taking the Gold Ingot is useful for playing Yo-a-mong's gambling game, however the Key of Gold, used to open the chest, works just as well.
    • Unlike the Key of Gold, the Gold Ingot is a valid answer to the riddle to enter Ping-chao.
    • In addition, the Gold Ingot is the only item that is exclusive to the chest; if the player is trying to obtain every item, this is their only opportunity to get it.
  • Taking the Eyeball-Stone is a good decision, the item allows for better trading options in Huo-ang.
    • This is a safer alternative to acquiring an Eyeball-Stone than playing Yo-a-mong's gambling game, but you can only get it once.


  • This is the only room in the Helix Palace that has no way of killing Rin.
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