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Title Computer Room
Nearby Tong-tah
Area ID(s) F_KING

Thi-eng, the Computer Room is a location in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. It is stationed at the top of the Fire Tower Tong-tah.

The Computer Room is the residence of Ka-gyou, the King of Time. The Computer is used to manipulate all life that has been born from Mingke-shu, the Tree of Life. It is primarily operated by Ying and Yang, who also work for Ka-gyou.


The Computer Room is a small metallic chamber with a terminal on the back wall, various machinery on the side walls, and with Ying and Yang inside. Ying and Yang can be talked to by facing their respective side. In addition, the player can move forward and use the terminal.




The Computer's keyboard and disc drive.

The Computer takes up the north wall of the computer room. It can be used to contact the five kings, as well as Ying and Yang themselves. The keys have characters from the Tong-Nou Alphabet on them. The Eye-Glasses or a hint from one of the candles can help in translating the keyboard. Should the player enter 3 incorrect inputs in a row, Rin's time will be deleted, and he will die.

Involved characters

Tou must insert the Disc of Wood into the computer to register the lives of the Zoh-gaeru's and himself, and Kai must go here to speak with Ka-gyou. Rin must speak with the king himself in order to get his permission to collect his Fire Magatama from the protected candle on the surface.


Ya I U E Ka Ki Ku
Ga Gi Su Zo To Mo
Yo Ra Ri Ru Re Ro N

Valid computer names

Phrase Effect
KA-GI-YO-U / Ka Gi Yo U Ka-gyou physically manifests in the room. If the player is speaking to them for the second time, they may retrieve the Fire Magatama from the protected candle. If the player is Kai, they get unique dialogue explaining their mission and can unlock Kai's door in the Palace of Dreaming Ping-chao.
KI-N-GI-YO-U / Ki N Gi Yo U King-gyou appears on the central monitor, as well as various images from the Land of Desire Yui-wang. Clicking on the central monitor will warp them to the entryway to the Land of Desire.
MO-KU-GI-YO-U / Mo Ku Gi Yo U Moku-gyou's partner appears on the central monitor, as well as various images from the Land of Life Ming-ken. Clicking on the central monitor will warp them to the entryway to the Land of Life.
SU-I-GI-YO-U / Su I Gi Yo U Sui-gyou briefly appears on the Central Monitor, with static on the side monitors, before vanishing. Notably, the player cannot warp to the Land of Dreaming Mon-chien this way. Internally, dialogue appears associated with Sui-gyou, but it does not display in-game.
TO-U-GI-YO-U / To U Gi Yo U Tou-gyou appears on the central monitor, with static on the side monitors. He alludes to himself by name, lets Rin know he is sealed in captivity, and that he is everywhere, but nowhere.
I-N / I N Ying appears on the central monitor. He claims that everyone ignores Sui-gyou because he daydreams, and that everyone dislikes Ka-gyou for being full of hot air.
YA-N / Ya N Yang appears on the central monitor. He claims that nobody can enter the Central Mountain because a monster is locked inside it. This is most likely referring to Tou-gyou.
TO-U / To U Should Tou insert the Disc of Wood and enter Life Registration mode, entering the names of himself and the four Zoh-gaeru Family members will register them. Entering all five names will issue the Registration Card, concluding the Life Registration mode.
ZO-U-GA-E-RA / Zo U Ga E Ra
ZO-U-GA-E-RE / Zo U Ga E Re
ZO-U-GA-E-RI / Zo U Ga E Ri
ZO-U-GA-E-RO / Zo U Ga E Ro


  • The images on the side monitors use early renders of various locations in the game, consistent with the early renders used in the Immortality sequence.
    • The main images use early renders of the Land of Time itself, with gray grass instead of dull green.
    • The images of the Land of Life that appear if you enter MO-KU-GI-YO-U feature an early, red sky.
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