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Title Room of Destruction?
Room of Pillars?
Nearby Yui-wang

Non-fai is a room within the Helix Palace. In this room, there are several pillars which can be smashed if the Small Mallet is present in the Furoshiki.


Non-fai is a stone chamber that, by default, the player can only rotate around. On entry, There are two sets of six pillars on the left and right sides that are supported by various glass objects. These glass objects can be smashed with the Small Mallet, though smashing three of them will result in the ceiling collapsing.

A secret third set appears on the back wall if a certain pillar is smashed. This third set also contains a shortcut to the Land of Dreaming, Mon-chien.


It is suggested the player does not break pillars carelessly; if the wrong object is broken three times, the ceiling will cave in and Rin will die.

If the rightmost object on the right wall is broken, a new set of pillars will appear on the back wall of the room. Should the player break the third object from the right, a shortcut to Mon-chien will reveal itself. This will place Rin at the end of the tunnel to the Land of Dreaming, right at the very entrance to the Land of Dreaming itself.



A look at the past?
  • Non-fai's name is never specified in-game. It is not just the only room in the Helix Palace with this distinction, but the only room in the entire Eastern Mind/Chu-Teng duology with this distinction. The only source of the room's name is the game's data, where the files for the room are stored in G_NONFAI internally.
    • In addition, Non-fai's English name is never specified anywhere. This has lead to various conjectural fan nick-names appearing for the room, most notably being either the "Room of Destruction" or the "Room of Pillars".
  • The room's synopsis in the Room of Greed is "If you destruct everything in sight, you will achieve eternal gold."
  • The player can safely break the leftmost object on the right wall, but this does nothing.
  • Non-fai is the only room in the Helix Palace with no character associated with it.
  • A mysterious room that may be an early version of Non-fai appears in the Immortality sequence.
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