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Title Tree of Life
Nearby Ming-ken
Shi-chieng (shortcut)
Mon-chien (shortcut)
Tong-nou (Central Mountain) (shortcut)
Area ID(s) L_WOOD

Mingke-shu ( Mi N Ke Shi Yu), the Tree of Life, is a tree within the forest of the Land of Life Ming-ken. It is where all Tong-nou lifeforms originate, and where Rin exits from every time he reincarnates. The area outside of the tree has some strange properties, with the layout changing every time the player turns around. Moku-gyou, the king of the Land of Life, is embedded in the tree until he is awoken. It is also the home of Retsu.


Mingke-shu is an odd, non-euclidean space that primarily takes place on a single area; however, by turning around, the player can both look around the tree and at its different sides. Each side of the tree has one of the faces of the Kings of Tong-nou (sans Tou-gyou), which can be spoken to (except for King-gyou). By speaking to Moku-gyou, he will awaken and talk with the player. By speaking to Ka-gyou or Sui-gyou, the player can warp to their respective lands.

By turning around, the player can look at the ground around the Tree of Life, and see various things. One is a sign warning against Ants with Moku-gyou's name written on it. One is an Ant, which can be renewably picked up. One is the Chu-teng symbol, letting players go to the Central Mountain quickly.





At any point, the player must obtain the Wood Magatama from Moku-gyou. To do this, they must enter the Tree of Life itself; this requires either using an Ant on Moku-gyou and clicking on his mouth before he sneezes it away, or using a Koma. Using the Koma will let the player skip having to click on Moku-gyou's mouth.


Tou must receive his initial instructions from Moku-gyou; however, speaking to him (and indeed, the Zoh-gaeru family) is optional if he already knows the names. Nonetheless, Tou must still speak to Moku-gyou with the Registration Card to fulfill his life.


To retrieve the Eyeball of Dreaming, Byou must make his way to Moku-gyou and enter the Tree of Life, either with the Ant or with the Koma (as mentioned in Rin's section.) Upon doing this, Moku-gyou will ask Byou if he knows where the original Eyeball of Dreaming came from. The answer to this is Tou-gyou; the player is meant to figure this out by clicking on one of his emblems (sans the one in Ping-chao which doesn't work due to a layering glitch, or the inaccessible one in the Central Mountain), where he states his name. Afterwards, Byou is sent briefly to the roots of Mingke-shu to retrieve the other Eyeball of Dreaming. From there, he is to go back to Ping-chao.


The Koto of Wood is located directly on the entrance to Mingke-shu. By playing one of the Instruments, the Koto of Wood will appear. From there, Sha can either leave or use Mingke-shu as a shortcut to another land.


Retsu's short life is fairly linear, mostly comprised of randomly scuttling about the ground near the Tree of Life. Eventually, a hand will pick him up and throw him at Moku-gyou, fulfilling his life.


  • The things that appear from Mingke-shu are as follows:
Eastern Mind Lands
Land of Life Tree of Life
Land of Time Fire Tower of TimeComputer Room
Land of Dreaming Palace of Dreaming
Land of Desire Helix Palace (Room of GreedRoom of AppetiteRoom of ImmortalityRoom of Sexual DesireRoom of Destruction)
Central Mountain Octagonal Shrine
Tong-Nou Phantom Marketplace