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Osamu Sato and his works have appeared in a number of publications over the years.

The cover of Quit Vol. 1

Morph's Outpost

The October 1994 issue of Morph's Outpost contains an interview with Sato, but the article has only partially resurfaced.

Sound & Recording

Sound & Recording is a magazine Sato has been featured in at least twice, including the November 1994 and November 1995 issues.


Quit is a three-volume special edition of the Sound & Recording magazine. The first volume contains tons of Osamu Sato work and a supplementary CD-ROM which features him as well as other artists. The other two issues have only had their cover art surface online, one possibly looking to have been designed by Sato. Issues 2 and 3 may not include any Sato-related content outside of this.

Commercial Photo

The July 2017 issue of Commercial Photo contains an interview with Sato about All Things Must Be Equal. It has been acquired but not scanned.

DIG-MAG (Digital Magazine for Mac)

A 1994 issue of DIG-MAG came with a disc showing Macromedia Director games from various groups, which included an interactive Eastern Mind trailer from Sony Music Entertainment, and a digital art gallery from Kirin Lager that Sato has an exhibit in. The art gallery is a game of sorts that looks and plays extremely similar to Eastern Mind, even including the same red text when interacting with doors. Sato's exhibit contains material from the lost Compu Movie.

MdN (Macintosh designers Network)

Sato's artwork appears on the cover of the March/April 1994 issue, but it's unknown if he is mentioned elsewhere.

The February 2000 issue features an article on Outside Directors Company.

The March 2000 issue contains an article on Rhythm 'n' Face, as well as cover art designed by Sato & Shintaro Minami.

Sato & Minami also designed the cover for the April 2000 issue. Minami & fellow OSD employee Noboru Iizuka's texture work appears in the special feature.

Digital Creator ni Naritai

Game Clash


In the August 1998 issue, the News Press section has a brief report on the completion party for LSD, which was held on May 22.


The January 15, 1998 issue, known as the source of the demo for Rolypolys no Sekai Daibōken, appears in the Asmik promo video, possibly hinting at additional Sato-related content.

Official UK PlayStation Magazine

In the July 1997 issue, the Japan column of 'Loading' has a paragraph on LSD's appearance at Tokyo Game Show '97. Screenshots from the demo movie are also present.