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Sato and his team contributed to a number of magazines over the years.

The cover of Quit Vol. 1


From 1988 to 1992, Sato and his team did art direction for the music magazine B.PASS, including logo designs for the featured bands and photography.

Sound & Recording

Sound & Recording is a music magazine published by Rittor Music. OSD contributed to the magazine between 1992 and 1995, with Sato's wordmark still being used today. Sato himself was interviewed for the November 1994 and November 1995 issues.


Quit is a three-volume spinoff publication of Sound & Recording magazine. Sato came up with the name for the magazine and designed its original logo and mascot, both of which were seemingly scrapped after the first issue.

MdN (Macintosh designers Network)

MdN is a digital design magazine published by MdN Corporation. Sato and OSD produced an "Alphabetical Animals" Director animation that was included on the cover disk for volume 17 (Jan/Feb 1994). Additionally, Sato designed covers for issues 19 (May/June 1994), 71 (March 2000), and 72 (April 2000).

MacJapan Bros/ Mac Bros

MacJapan Bros was a sister magazine to MacJapan, both published by Gijutsu Hyoronsha. Sato was interviewed for the February 1994 issue, and began contributing a regular feature titled "Mark Maker Pro 0.36S" starting with the next issue. The magazine rebranded as Mac Bros in June of that year, with Sato providing the new wordmark.

DIG-MAG (Digital Magazine for Mac)

A 1994 CD-ROM titled DIG-MAG features a digital art gallery that Sato has an exhibit in. The art gallery is a game of sorts that looks and plays extremely similar to Eastern Mind, even including the same red text when interacting with doors. Sato's exhibit contains material from Compu Movie. An interactive Eastern Mind trailer is also present on the disc. It's currently unknown if there is a physical component to the magazine.

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