The Esoteric Retina

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The Esoteric Retina
Original name 秘密の網膜
Release date November 21, 1994
Format Video CD
Lost? No

The Esoteric Retina (秘密の網膜 lit. Secret Retina/Esoteric [in the Buddhist sense] Retina) is a Video CD released by Osamu Sato and OutSide Director's Company, published by Sony Music Entertainment Japan in 1994. It contains several animated music videos, accompanied by alternative mixes of Sato's music not heard anywhere else.


There are five distinct music videos; one for each distinct track. After the intro, the original mixes (tracks 2, 4, 6, and 8) will play in a randomized order on the original Video CD. In between each video, a short segue plays. After this the other mixes (tracks 3, 5, 7, and 9) will play, also in a shuffled order. Once all these videos have been watched, Frozen Frogs will play.


  1. Intro
  2. The Earth is Round (VCD Edit)
  3. The Earth is Round (Chrome Dome Mix)
  4. Transmigration
  5. Transmigration (7th Heaven Mix)
  6. Face the Music
  7. Face the Music (Glue-Glue Mix)
  8. Xia-Che [ʃia-tʃe]
  9. Xia-Che (Motormouse Mix)
  10. Frozen Frogs

Former Lost Media Status

Aside from the fact that it contained several music videos by Sato, for years little information about The Esoteric Retina was available online. In January 2018, a sample copy was auctioned on eBay, originating from an estate sale of a record executive in New York. It was sold with a winning bid of $717.00 to Swazaaa. The disc's contents were ripped and made available online in late June 2018.

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