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Image of Kai's full body.

Kai (カイ) is one of the creatures that Rin can reincarnate as in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. He is the guard of Shi-chieng who protects the Candle of Life, his mission is to use his Leaf Sack to draw the Water of Dreams from Mon-chien to extinguish one particular candle.


Kai, under the orders of Ka-gyou, must use his Leaf Sack to acquire the Water of Dreams and extinguish a candle. After dousing the candle, Kai finds out it represented his own life.


Kai is born in Shi-chieng. He must ascend Tong-tah, the Fire Tower of Time, to access Thi-eng, the computer room. There, he must enter Ka-Gyou's name to speak with him, using either a hint from a candle below or the Eye-Glasses to decipher the keys. The king tells Kai that he must extinguish a candle located one step north, one step east, and three steps to the south from the entrance to Tong-Tah, which only makes sense if Kai has the Compass. Before going to the candle, Kai must fill his leaf sack with water by heading to the Palace of Dreaming in Mon-chien, entering the room marked with his symbol, and drawing the water from the mountain inside the projection on the wall. After returning to Shi-chieng and following the kings directions, Kai extinguishes the candle.

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