Objectless (2017)

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Original name Objectless
Release date 16 November 2017 (digital)

22 November 2017 (CD)

Format Album
Lost? No

Objectless (also referred to as Objectless: Classic Ambient Works and More) is an album by Osamu Sato, released by Vinyl-On-Demand and Sublime Records. The album consists of remixes of songs from Objectless (1983) along with 2 original tracks.


In spring 2017, Sato received a message from German label Vinyl-On-Demand Records, offering to remaster the original Objectless tape. The founder, Frank Bull, had previously received several inquiries via Discogs to release the tracks after coming forward with images of his own copy. As Sato no longer had the album in his possession, Frank sent him digital transfers of the tracks. Sato was not satisfied with the songs in their original form, and offered to remix them. While Frank didn't like remixes in general, he was pleased with the resulting tracks, and the decision was made to release them later in the year.


A music video for the song Blues Tube was released on the Music Mine YouTube channel on November 16, 2017, the same day the album released on iTunes. The CD version was released the following week on November 22.



  1. Blues Tube (3:22)
  2. Radio Garden (4:42)
  3. Forest Factory (6:40)
  4. Intelligentsia (5:38)
  5. Circuit Training (5:50)
  6. Piano and Hammer (8:44)
  7. Flowers and Butterfly (5:53)
  8. Eight Beat Infinity (3:05)
  9. Helicoid Guardian (4:32)
  10. My Stupa (5:16)
  11. Quiet Cannon (5:20)


Side A

  1. Blues Tube (3:22)
  2. Radio Garden (4:42)
  3. Forest Factory (6:40)
  4. Intelligentsia (5:38)
  5. Circuit Training (5:50)

Side B

  1. Piano and Hammer (8:44)
  2. Flowers and Butterfly (5:53)
  3. Eight Beat Infinity (3:05)
  4. Helicoid Guardian (4:32)
  5. My Stupa (5:16)


Adapted from Objectless liner notes.

  • Osamu Sato – producer, remixing, art director, design
  • Goh Hotoda – mastering
  • Hideki Amano – executive producer


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