Objectless (2017)

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Original name Objectless
Release date 13 November 2017
Format Album
Lost? No

Objectless (also referred to as Objectless: Classic Ambient Works and More) is a 2017 album by Osamu Sato, released by Music Mine and Sublime Records. The album consists of remixes of songs from Objectless (1983) along with 2 original tracks.


A music video for the song Blues Tube was released on the Music Mine YouTube channel on 16 November 2017, a week before the album released. The vinyl release was handled by Vinyl-On-Demand.


1. Blues Tube (3:22)

2. Radio Garden (4:42)

3. Forest Factory (6:40)

4. Intelligentsia (5:38)

5. Circuit Training (5:50)

6. Piano and Hammer (8:44)

7. Flowers and Butterfly (5:53)

8. Eight Beat Infinity (3:05)

9. Helicoid Guardian (4:32)

10. My Stupa (5:16)

11. Quiet Cannon (5:20)

Quiet Cannon does not appear on the LP version.


Adapted from Objectless liner notes.

  • Osamu Sato – producer, remixing, art director, design
  • Goh Hotoda – mastering
  • Hideki Amano – executive producer