All Things Must Be Equal (TYO Edition)

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All Things Must Be Equal (TYO Edition)
Original name All Things Must Be Equal (TYO Edition)
Release date April 2017
Format Album
Lost? No

All Things Must Be Equal (TYO Edition) is an IDM album released in April 2017 by Music Mine Inc. and Sublime Records. It is the first Sato album since Lucy in the Sky with Dynamites in 1998.


The album lasts 63 minutes and included a 6-panel booklet. It was released among the All Things Must Be Equal artbook and the tape limited edition Mono which featured alternate mixes.

The artwork depicts Linen surrounded by diverse vertically symmetrical mandalas, with a pink to yellow gradient.

It contains original mixes as well as remixes from earlier works such as Come On And (LSD 2017 Mix) and Eastern Mind (Tong Nou Zen Mix).

The first two tracks, I Want You and Wolfunkadelic as well as Come On And featured clips uploaded on Music Mine Inc. Youtube channel.


1. I Want You (Original Mix)

2. Wolfunkadelic (Original Mix)

3. U.F.O (Original Mix)

4. Global Noise (Original Mix)

5. Come On And (LSD 2017 Mix) (Come On And remix from LSD and Remixes)

6. Eastern Mind (Tong Nou Zen Mix) (Tong-Nou remix from Transmigration)

7. Fujiyama Karas (Original Mix)

8. Nightingale Olympic (Original Mix)

9. Number Nine (Original Mix)

10. Retrocognition 2017 (Original Mix)

11. Soprano (Original Mix)

12. Tokyo Planet (Original Mix)

13. Typhoon (Original Mix)