LSD and Remixes

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LSD and Remixes
Original name LSD and Remixes
Release date 22 October 1998
Format Album
Lost? No

LSD and Remixes is an album released by Music Mine on October 22, 1998. It contains full-length versions of the songs that are heard in the games cutscenes, and remixes of those tracks by various artists such as Ken Ishii and Jimi Tenor.

Track listing

Disc 1

  • Funky Solution
  • Long Tall Eyelash
  • TV River
  • Professional Problem
  • Oriental Grill
  • Come On And
  • Fax Factory
  • Fried Banana
  • Say Cheeze

Disc 2

  • Long Tall Eyelash (Ken Ishii Mix)
  • Funky Solution (Jimi Tenor Mix)
  • Long Tall Eyelash (µ-Ziq Mix)
  • TV River (Morgan Geist Mix)
  • Professional Problem (Pantune Music Mix)
  • Oriental Grill (M.P.D Mix)
  • Come On And (Out Ass Mao Mix)


  • In addition to the songs being featured in cutscenes, several melodies from the album can be heard scattered across the in-game soundtrack of LSD: Dream Emulator.
    • A melody from "Come On And" can be heard in the Pit and Temple's music pattern D. It's distinguishable in the Ethnova and Electro instrument sets.
    • A melody from "Fax Factory" can be heard in the Pit and Temple's music pattern A. It's distinguishable in the Ethnova instrument set.
  • The track "Fried Banana" is often seen listed as "Friend Banana", due to a widely-distributed rip of the album online.