Lucy in the Sky with Dynamites

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Lucy in the Sky with Dynamites
Original name Lucy in the Sky with Dynamites
Release date 22 October 1998
Format Song
Lost? No

Lucy in the Sky with Dynamites is a music CD that came packaged with the limited edition of LSD: Dream Emulator. It consists of a single, exactly 1-hour-long track, unofficially split into different segments in some online downloads. It is a completely unique song containing no elements from LSD and Remixes or the game's internal music.

Track listing

  • Lucy in the Sky with Dynamites (60:00)


Adapted from Lucy in the Sky with Dynamites liner notes.

  • Osamu Sato – producer, programming, digital conductor, mixing
  • Out Ass Mao – producer, synthesizer (electric wave)
  • Tetsuya Yamamoto – keyboards, programming
  • Hiroshi Mizuide – synthesizer, bass, programming
  • Shinobu Narita – guitar
  • Shigeru Terauchi – trumpet
  • Yumi Komatsu – cello
  • Aki Yanagisawa – soprano
  • Toru Yamazaki – mixing
  • Mitsukazu Tanaka – mastering


  • The title is likely a reference to the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" by The Beatles.
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