Aura 20/07/01

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Aura 20/07/01
Original name Aura 20/07/01
Release date 7 July 2001
Format Album
Lost? No

Aura 20/07/01 is a CD commemorating the 1 year anniversary of Aura Nails. It contains an album, a Macromedia Director animation, and a font. All of the media on the disc is produced by Osamu Sato, except for the animation which was also worked on by Noboru Iizuka and Shintaro Minami. Two of the tracks produced for this CD would later be remixed in the All Things Must Be Equal albums, while Aural Love later appeared on Collected Ambient Grooves 1993-2001.

Previously unknown to the community, a copy was discovered and subsequently acquired in May 2022, with the disc image being created that November.

A Youtube playlist containing the tracks and animation can be viewed here.

Album Tracklist

  1. Aural Love
  2. Unidentified Flying Object
  3. Reflexion
  4. Aural Love (Platinic Mix)


A grid pattern is used to display an animation of several transition effects, backgrounds, and the text "aura".


Noboru Iizuka - Motion graphic design
Osamu Sato and Shintaro Minami - Original graphic design