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Original name Mono
Release date 1 April 2017
Format Box set
Lost? No

Mono is a 2017 series of box sets by Osamu Sato containing artwork and a CD. Only 5 editions were produced.


The box sets were initially available for purchase at the All Things Must Be Equal exhibition for ¥80,000 (ca. $750) each. The contents are as follows:

  • 40-page monochrome 'photo-zine'
  • F0 size monochrome canvas painting
  • Two monochrome collage 35mm film mounts
  • Monaural Mix CD-R

CD Tracklist

  1. Monaural 808 (Mono Mix) (0:39)
  2. Piano 808 (Mono Mix) (4:35)
  3. I Want You 808 (Extended Mono Mix) (3:54)
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