Linen Sampler

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Linen Sampler
Original name Linen Sampler
Release date 1997
Format Album
Lost? No

Linen Sampler is a 1997 promotional CD by Osamu Sato, released by Linen Records. The album contains early versions of tracks that would appear on LSD and Remixes and includes a portfolio.


1. Funky Solution (5:49)

2. Long Tall Eyelash (5:45)

3. Fried Banana (5:18)

4. Come On And (6:48)

5. TV River (5:39)

6. May Day (6:13)

7. Say Cheeze (5:59)

8. Professional Problem (4:56)

9. Oriental Grill (4:15)


  • While all tracks are created by Sato, some of them are credited under a pseudonym. Tracks 3-5 are credited to Polygonal Poppy, tracks 6 and 8 are credited to =Equel and track 7 and 9 are credited to Frozen Frogs.
  • Despite appearing in LSD: Dream Emulator, May Day does not appear on the soundtrack CD LSD and Remixes. It would, however, later get remixed and appear in LSD Revamped