Linen Sampler

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Linen Sampler
Original name Linen Sampler
Release date 1997
Format Album
Lost? No

Linen Sampler is a 1997 promotional CD by Osamu Sato, and the first release under his label Linen Records. The album contains early versions of tracks that would appear on LSD and Remixes, and is packaged with a foldable insert featuring Sato's profile. The first known copy to surface online, sourced from a Dutch music store, was shared by an anonymous user on 4chan's /vr/ board in November 2013.


  1. Funky Solution (5:49)
  2. Long Tall Eyelash (5:45)
  3. Fried Banana (5:18)
  4. Come On And (6:48)
  5. TV River (5:39)
  6. May Day (6:13)
  7. Say Cheeze (5:59)
  8. Professional Problem (4:56)
  9. Oriental Grill (4:15)


  • While all tracks are created by Sato, some of them are credited under a pseudonym. Tracks 3-5 are credited to Polygonal Poppy, tracks 6 and 8 are credited to =Equel and track 7 and 9 are credited to Frozen Frogs.
  • May Day is the only track that does not appear on the album LSD and Remixes. It would, however, be remixed for 2018's LSD Revamped.
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