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Original name Equal
Release date 1996
Format Album
Lost? No

Equal is a 1995 album by Osamu Sato, released by Sony. Several tracks feature musical elements from Chu-Teng and the album cover features references to Gradation of Happiness.


Originally published in Japan, the CD was also released in Europe in 1996, by S3. As with Transmigration, there was also a vinyl sampler version.


1. Equalize

2. Face The Music (Wagon Christ Mix)

3. Retrofit

4. Genetic Scale (Goh Hotoda Mix)

5. Chu-Teng (Hungy Futurist Mix)

6. Transmigration (Tony Morley Mix)

7. A Spaceman Made Of Stars

8. Face-savers On Line (F.S.O.L. Mix)

9. Retrocognition

10. Didi-Shou-Chang (A Part Of Miyako Island's Traditional Cradle Song)