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Homosexual sato cover small.png
Original name Homosexual
Release date 6 April 1993
Format Book, floppy disk
Lost? Owned but not scanned

Homosexual is a series of artworks created through a collaboration between Osamu Sato and fellow artist Hideki Nakazawa. An exhibition of the collaboration was held at Tierrart Gallery in Tokyo from April 6, 1993, to the 24th.


Homosexual was created by Sato and Nakazawa taking 10 minute turns to make a series of artworks. One artist would create an original piece, the other artist would create a piece that incorporated the last piece, the first artist would make a piece with the last piece, and so on. This process would repeat until 24 separate pieces were made. For Homosexual, this process was performed twice, once with Sato being the starting artist and once with Nakazawa starting. This resulted in a total of 48 pieces.


A book compiling all of Homosexual's featured artworks was published by Tom's Box, of which only 300 copies were made. The book could either be purchased on its own, or with a bonus floppy disk containing an animation that features its art. The book uses the tête-bêche format, meaning that it has two front covers instead of having a back cover. Depending on which cover the reader starts from, they can go through the series that Sato started or the one that Nakazawa started.

The book's existence was not well known to the community until copies appeared for sale at Sato's 2017 exhibition All Things Must Be Equal, without the bonus floppy disk.


A floppy disk containing a Macromedia Director animation of the art featured in Homosexual was available for purchase alongside the book. The animation file was also included on the CD-ROM MacJapan Bros.-ROM, in the "Special" folder. Nakazawa himself provided a copy of the animation file after being contacted.


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