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Original name Roots
Release date 16 November 2022
Format Album
Lost? No

Roots is an album by Osamu Sato that released on 16 November 2022. The title is inspired by Sato spending time in Kyoto, his birthplace, and reflecting on his ancestors there. The album features a vocal and mouth harp performance from Makigami Koichi of the band Hikashu, in addition to work from several of Sato's frequent collaborators. Two of the tracks on the album remixes of songs sold in the LSD Transformed NFT collection.


  1. Sad Sun
  2. 33 Jazz Funk Greats
  3. Face To Face
  4. Kyoto Psycho ( LSD TRANSFORMED) [sic]
  5. Minimal Monk
  6. Sun Flower (LSD TRANSFORMED)
  7. Samrai Guitar
  8. Sine Esperant
  9. Electric Spaut