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Title Phantom Marketplace
Nearby Ming-ken (If accessed by rock)
Yui-wang (If accessed by statue)

Hou-ang (Ho U A N), the Phantom Marketplace is a location in Tong-Nou. It is accessed via clicking on a giant-sized Eyeball-Stone in Ming-ken or a statue in Yui-wang. Despite several markets being set up, only one shopkeeper, Mai-chiu, is present. The player can exchange items with him, which either serve as alternative solutions to puzzles, alternative methods of obtaining items, or renewable methods of obtaining single-use items.


The Phantom Marketplace is a deceptively linear location, comprised of a hallway of various trading stalls. One of them is occupied by Mai-chiu, who will gladly exchange items with you. Aside from this, a spare Eyeball-Stone can be found at the end of the available area by turning right and interacting with the red box.




The in-game card that showcases every available trade.

Trade is a very important part of the Phantom Marketplace Hou-ang, and the main way you are meant to get items out of it. The trading table features an iconized card of every available trade; below is a table that showcases this in written text, complete with links to the items' respective pages.

Player offers Mai-chiu gives
Eyeball-Stone Morning Glory
Eyeball-Stone Wind Chime
Bottle Gourd Koma
Hitogata Tong-Nou Illustrated Book
Amulet Tong-Nou Illustrated Book
Peach Tong-Nou Illustrated Book
Eyeball-Stone + Koma Hitogata
Eyeball-Stone + Wind Chime Amulet
Eyeball-Stone + Chopsticks Amulet
Eyeball-Stone + Morning Glory Peach


Though totally optional, the Phantom Marketplace is still a fairly lucrative place to go for players that are interested in exchanging various items. These trades vary wildly in quality, so it's recommended that the player is careful for which ones they go after and which ones they avoid.

  • Eyeball-Stone for Morning Glory: Not recommended. The Morning Glory is only useful in Chi-fang and Pu-ryao, and its use in trade is for the readily available, already renewable Peach; however, if the player does not intend to trade for a Hitogata, it may be worth it collecting the Morning Glory as a freebie since it has a use outside the Phantom Marketplace, unlike the Wind Chime.
  • Eyeball-Stone for Wind Chime: Not recommended. The only practical use for this item is to trade it and an Eyeball-Stone for a replacement Amulet, which is a very dubious trade already.
  • Bottle Gourd for Koma: Recommended. The Bottle Gourd has no purpose outside of bartering, so using it to get the Koma is very much worth it if the player goes out of their way for it.
  • Hitogata for Tong-Nou Illustrated Book: Not recommended. The Hitogata is way too rare.
  • Amulet for Tong-Nou Illustrated Book: Recommended. If the player does not intend to deliberately waste their Amulet for the sake of getting Rin killed for the first time, this can be a useful trade to offload it while also getting the Book. Since the book is easy to acquire in the tunnel to the Land of Time Shi-chieng, however, this may not be available to you depending on what you did first before heading here.
  • Peach for Tong-Nou Illustrated Book: Not recommended. The Peach is far too out of the way for it to be worthwhile over either exchanging your starting Amulet or simply obtaining it from the chest in the entrance to Shi-chieng.
  • Eyeball-Stone and Koma for Hitogata: Recommended. The Hitogata has more use than the Koma does, is a direct upgrade from the Amulet with additional functionality, and is the most expensive item that Mai-chiu offers.
  • Eyeball-Stone and Wind Chime for Amulet: Not recommended. Exchanging what is effectively 2 Eyeball-Stones for yet another Amulet is not generally worth it, especially since the Amulet is usually more detrimental than actually helpful. Should the player want another Amulet for another reason, they would likely either want the Hitogata, or would be better off going for the other trade that doesn't require finding 2 Eyeball-Stones.
  • Eyeball-Stone and Chopsticks for Amulet: Recommended. Since the Chopsticks are one of the freebie items from King-gyou upon trying to enter the Helix Palace Luo-shang, it is a lot less expensive than the Eyeball-Stone and Wind Chime trade. However, players who would go through the effort for this item may instead want to take the Bottle Gourd taken under similar circumstances for the much more unique and useful Hitogata.
  • Eyeball-Stone and Morning Glory for Peach: Not recommended. Peaches are already renewable and can fairly easily be obtained without spending what is effectively 2 Eyeball-Stones.


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