Transformed Collection

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Transformed Collection
Original name Transformed Collection
Release date 2020
Format Album
Lost? No

Transformed Collection is a 2020 album by Osamu Sato, released by Linen Records. It primarily contains remixes of old material.


Four music videos were made for the album, all of which were released on Sato's personal YouTube channel. These videos include Transmigration (Gently Mixed), Eastern Mind (Self Control Mix), Done, and Come On And (Fujiyama Mix).


1. Aural Love (New Aged Mix) (5:44)

2. Transmigration (Gently Mixed) (5:48)

3. In Limbo, the Silent Dream (5:02)

4. Genetic (Recombination) Scale (5:04)

5. Down to Earth (4:13)

6. Tokyo Planet (Video Game Mix) (4:30)

7. The Earth Is Round (Little Liar Mix) (5:31)

8. Chu-Teng (Esoteric Mix) (7:34)

9. TMC (Pleasant Mix) (4:46)

10. Fight in the Headroom (4:27)

11. Eastern Mind (Self Control Mix) (5:18)

12. Done (5:06)

13. Banaten (Sleepy Head Mix) (4:21)

14. Extra Sunrise (4:22)

CD only track:

15. Come On And (Fujiyama Mix) (5:18)