LSD Revamped

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LSD Revamped
Original name LSD Revamped
Release date 22 October 2018
Format Album
Lost? No

LSD Revamped is a 2018 album by Osamu Sato, released by Music Mine and Sublime Records. It contains new versions of songs on LSD and Remixes along with both new and old remixes.


The album was released on the 20th anniversary of LSD: Dream Emulator.


CD tracklist:

Disc 1 (New originals)

1. Long Tall Eyelash 2018

2. Come On And 2018

3. Fax Factory 2018

4. Fried Banana 2018

5. Funky Solution 2018

6. Oriental Grill 2018

7. Professional Problem 2018

8. Say Cheeze 2018

9. TV River 2018

10. Mayday (Bonus Track)

Disc 2 (Remixes)

11. Long Tall Eyelash (Ken Ishii Mix)

12. Long Tall Eyelash (µ-Ziq Mix)

13. Come On And (Out Ass Mao Mix)

14. Come On And (Hakushi Hasegawa Mix)

15. Fax Factory (Reiji Okamoto (Okamoto's) + Giorgio Blaise Givvn Mix)

16. Fried Banana (Out Ass Mao Mix)

17. Funky Solution (Jimi Tenor Mix)

18. Oriental Grill (M.P.D. Mix)

19. Professional Problem (Pantune Music Mix)

20. Say Cheeze (Quarta 330 Mix)

21. TV River (Morgan Geist Mix)


  • LSD Revamped shares its name with a fan recreation of LSD, which started development years before this album was released. We can gather that Sato was aware of this project by the inclusion of gameplay footage in one of the music videos. We're left to speculate whether he took inspiration from fan interest, or named it to deliberately obscure it in search results out of spite.