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This article is about the Roly Polys character. For the Chu-Teng character, see Cho.

Cho (チョウ, Chō) is one of the ten members of the Roly Polys. He is a mischievous fox who is always thinking up new tricks. He is constantly inconveniencing and playing pranks on the other members of the Roly Polys. He especially loves to prank Pon, who he can't stand because of his slowness. The dynamic between Pon and Cho could potentially be a reference to the titular phrase of the first game, "The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog".


In Cho's room, Cho can be found sitting on the floor. Around Cho, there is a motorcycle, a fishing rod, a slingshot, a cassette player, and a beach chair with a drink next to it.

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Book entry

The fox, with his slightly scary, sly gaze that always seems to hint at tricks to come. It's just like the saying "The eyes have one language everywhere," and it's true that Cho is always up to some trick or another. I guess that's the star he was born under so he can't help it. The object of Cho's tricks is usually Pon. Cho says that it's because he gets so cross when he sees Pon just sitting around doing nothing. Cho is impatient by nature so he can't stand seeing anyone moving around in slow motion. It's wrong to try and force someone to do what you want them to do, but it doesn't seem to worry Pon so maybe they make a good combination after all.

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