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Features: Jumping Jack Bu, Cho, Banaten

Quarrel is one of the 27 words in Rolypolys no Nanakorobi Yaoki.


Jumping Jack Bu and Cho are fighting one another with boxing gloves and health bars above them, similar to a fighting game. They repeatedly punch each other, Bu delivers a flying kick to Cho's face, and Cho whips Bu with his tail. After a while, Banaten walks by and flattens them both with a giant hammer mechanism, fully depleting both of their health bars.


"In a quarrel both parties are to blame."

Banaten attempts to keep his balance as the hammer mechanism is extended out from his backpack.


Literally: Both quarrelers are to be punished.

Since it takes two to tangle, both sides in any fight are equally to blame. Disagreements should be settled civilly, peacefully and reasonably. Violence is the last resort of the incompetent; so in a fight, both sides demonstrate their inability to act as responsible human beings. They are equally at fault and must face whatever the consequences. Bu and Cho were unable to settle their differences peaceably, so Banaten was forced to step in...

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