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Features: Pon, Cho

Go is one of the 27 words in Rolypolys no Nanakorobi Yaoki.


As Pon is walking along a street lined with nightclubs and neon signs, he spots an abandoned bag of money under a street light. After making sure the coast is clear, he opens it to discover a 100 Cho-coin coin. He thinks about using the money to impress women at a club, buy an expensive car, and pay a mobster to beat up Cho. Suddenly, a cloud of smoke emits from the coin, and Cho himself comes out of it. He kicks Pon in the face and runs away with the money.


"Easy come, easy go."

Pon sees the bag of money again, but just walks by it this time.


Literally: Bad money does not stay with one long.

Ill-gotten gains are quickly lost. Pon stumbled upon what he thought was some "easy money." Even though it wasn't really his and therefore should have been turned over to the authorities, all he could think about was what he should spend it on. But the coin turned out to be just another of Cho's tricks. And what did Pon end up gaining? Anything that you don't actually earn by yourself and that comes too quickly or easily is almost always squandered away just as quickly and easily.

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