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Features: Cho, Jumping Jack Bu

Makes is one of the 27 words in Rolypolys no Nanakorobi Yaoki.


"Help Bu carry five pieces of luggage up to the fifth floor!"

Jumping Jack Bu must carry 5 crates up to the fifth floor of a building, where the crates can be placed onto a platform and sent off. Cho is waiting at the top to punish him if he drops the box or steps backwards on the stairs. The player helps Bu by pushing him with the mouse cursor while holding left click. The challenge is to not let go of the mouse or accidentally move Bu backwards on the stairs. With each crate delivered, Bu will learn a skill and become more powerful, allowing him to move faster and get back to the start easier.

Level 1

Bu collapses onto the floor, and Cho punches him back to the first floor with a giant boxing glove mechanism.

Hardships rose by 4.
Bu learned how to work!

Level 2

Bu falls from the fourth floor to the first floor after falling down the stairs.

Patience rose by 8.
Hardships rose by 8.
Bu learned endurance!

Level 3

Walking slowly, Bu manages to get back to the first floor without falling.

Flexibility rose by 6.
Hardships rose by 8.
Bu obtained some pants!

Level 4

Running and jumping over stairs, Bu makes it back to the first floor with ease.

Strengths rose by 7.
Hardships rose by 9.
Bu obtained muscles!

Level 5

Bu jumps from the fifth floor to the first floor, showing how strong he's become.

Characters rose by 11.
Hardships rose by 8.
Bu obtained a tattoo!
His efforts were rewarded!


"Practice makes perfect."

Jumping Jack Bu carries a crate across the on-screen proverb, without any help from the player.


Literally: Better than to learn is to become experienced.

We should not forget the importance of practical experience and practice. Of course theory and learning are vital, but it is just as important for you to learn by doing and to gain mastery through repetition. Take bicycle riding, for example. Have you ever seen anyone who was able to ride just by learning the theory behind it? And what good is just knowing how to ride? You have to be able actually to ride a bicycle for it to be of any use to anyone. What did it take for you to master this skill? In the same way, Jumping Jack Bu gets better and better at his job as he goes along, doesn't he?

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