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Features: Cho, George, Pon

You is one of the 27 words in Rolypolys no Nanakorobi Yaoki.


Cho is walking through a grassy field, holding a sleeping George by the tail. Pon digs a hole in the field to trap Cho, then hides once he sees his target approach. Cho spots the hole, stops short of it, and uses George as a bridge to walk over it. Later, Pon is thinking about his plan to crush Cho with a boulder. Then, we see that he is high up on a tree with a boulder, waiting to drop it on Cho as he walks by. Cho spots the trap once again and uses George as a fan to blow Pon away, and the boulder falls from the tree. Pon's third and final trap is a crude portrait of Jumping Jack Bu, intended to scare Cho. Cho uses George as a rope and swings at the portrait, kicking straight through it and hitting Pon on the other side.


"Look before you leap."

George is shown hanging from a branch and sleeping.


Literally: Use a walking stick lest you fall down.

It is important to be well prepared before starting out on any undertaking. You need to learn the lay of the land in advance, and come prepared for what you expect to meet. If you're setting out for rough terrain, for example, you will need a good, sturdy walking stick to keep you from stumbling. Cho's preparation, foresight and watchfulness enabled him to avoid Pon's traps. Bringing George along, of course, didn't hurt either. Oftentimes being prepared is more mental than it is physical, and combined with a good measure of prudence can server you in good stead, indeed.

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