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Jumping Jack Bu (ジャンピング・ジャック・ブー, Janpingu jakku bū) is one of the ten members of the Roly Polys. He is the world's strongest pig and a master of martial arts. On his back, he has a fire-breathing dragon tattoo named Tatsuro. Despite being an expert in several languages, including Japanese, English, and Chinese, he often spells words incorrectly.


In Jumping Jack Bu's room, Jumping Jack Bu can be found posing. Around him, there is a punching bag, two dumbbells, two pairs of nunchucks, a pair of boxing gloves, and a pile of barrels.

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Book Entry

Jumping Jack Bu is the world's strongest pig, who has trained as a warrior all over the world and mastered the secrets of every kind of contest. He had the dragon on his back tattooed during his training days. He's also a karate action star who can sing, dance and throw punches. His most famous line is "If you make me mad, this dragon will breathe fire! FIRE!" The name of his tattoo is Tatsuro. Jumping Jack Bu is not only known for his martial arts but is also expert in languages, including Japanese, English and Chinese. It's true that he can skillfully use all these languages but he's also careless and never fails to make a mistake with a word here and there or spell a word wrongly.

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