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Las Vegas Akiko (ラスベガス・アキコ, Rasubegasu Akiko) is one of the ten members of the Roly Polys. She is a peacock who is a professional typist by day and a dancer by night. Her colorful feathers are artificial, as only male peacocks have them by nature.


In Las Vegas Akiko's room, Las Vegas Akiko can be found dancing on a stage. Around the stage is a table with drinking glasses, a comb, a hand mirror, a perfume bottle, and a folding fan.

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Book Entry

Las Vegas Akiko, with her brightly colored feathers, is a very feminine girl. Hang on a minute! Surely bright feathers on a peacock are the sign of a male? This is absolutely true. In fact, Akiko's feathers are a wig. During the day, Akiko puts her feathers away in the closet and works hard at her typing job. But at night, she puts on her make-up and gets dressed up in her beautiful feathers. Then she dances til she drops. And in the morning, it's time for work again. To Akiko, this is a perfectly normal way to behave. She believes that separating work from play is the sign of a grown woman.

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