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Banaten (バナテン, Banaten) is one of the ten members of the Roly Polys. He is a red monkey with excellent computer skills. Banaten has a strong love of fried bananas and would go to great lengths to get more of them. His closest friend is George, who understands him on a deep level.


In Banaten's room, Banaten can be found dancing upon his own computer. The computer has six buttons that can be interacted with to make different sounds. Banaten himself can be interacted with to make him perform several different dance moves.

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Book Entry

This is one single-minded, smart young monkey. He can use a computer and his greatest skill is being able to make anything he wants to. His absolute favorite food is fried bananas. He doesn't feel right if he hasn't got fried bananas on hand at all times. Because of that he invented a machine that can make fried bananas, so you can see he's pretty banana crazy. He's not very good at physical activity and his weak point is climbing trees. But he developed a computer-controlled hi-tech ladder so that he can say "Even I can climb a tree." I guess that's a monkey's pride for you.

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