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George (ジョージ, Jōji) is one of the ten members of the Roly Polys. He is a pink-and-yellow ferret who loves to eat and sleep. His closest friend is Banaten, who has a heart button dedicated to George on his computer.


In George's room, George can be found relaxing on the beach.

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Book Entry

George is a ferret. He's either sleeping, eating or blobbing out. In fact, his entire day consists of a repetition of these three activities. You could call it following his instincts or simply living according to his instincts. When he feels sleepy, it doesn't matter whether he's at the side of the road or wherever, he just lies right down and falls sleep. Once he's asleep, that's it. It doesn't matter whether Cho is hassling him or what, he just doesn't wake up. I guess that's the mark of greatness. George is great friends with Banaten. You often see them sitting happily side-by-side on the hill.

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