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The Del Montas (デル・モンタス, Deru montasu) are three members of the Roly Polys. They are a trio of bagworms. One is yellow, one is green, and one is orange. They are very competitive with one another and also quite secretive. Out of all the Roly Polys, they have the least screen time by far and receive the least characterization.


In the Del Montas' room, the Del Montas can be found hovering above a tree branch. On the tree, there is a ladybug, a pair of scissors, a bandage roll, a spool of string, and a leaf.

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Many people think the Del Montas are brothers but it's not certain whether in fact they are or not. They are three mysterious basketworms whose names, origins and ages are all shrouded in a veil of secrecy. All we know about them is that they hang down from their tree and are colored yellow, green and orange, respectively. For some unknown reason there is an unbelievable rumor abounding that they are quiet (I have heard their voices at almost too high a frequency to hear). They rarely bring their heads out of their coats. But all three of them are very competitive to the extent that some people have even seen them push one of the others off the tree when they were trying to see who was the tallest of the three.

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