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Features: Jumping Jack Bu, Cho, Pon

Sleeping is one of the 27 words in Rolypolys no Nanakorobi Yaoki.


We are shown an abstract apartment building, which Jumping Jack Bu and Cho can be seen inside of. Banaten's house is visible in the background. A flashing red arrow prompts the player to interact with Jumping Jack Bu, who is sleeping. Doing so will show Bu's room, inside of which there is a television, crunched-up papers, bottles, an empty dish with chopsticks, a mini-fridge that has been left open, a magazine, a kitchen knife, and Bu's diary. One of the pillars in the room has been vandalized with a smiley face that has the character も for a nose. Bu himself can be found sleeping on a mat on the floor.

When Bu is interacted with, Cho comes by and rubs his snout. Interacting with Cho will cause him to move to Bu's legs. Doing it again will cause Cho to draw the も smiley face on Bu's belly and run away.

Interacting with Bu after this will cause Pon to show up. Interacting with Pon causes him to sneeze and tickle Bu's hoof. Doing it a second time will cause him to kick Bu's stomach. Doing it a third time will cause him to jump on Bu's stomach and start dancing, which finally wakes up Bu.

Then, Bu is shown angrily towering over Pon, most likely about to put his karate skills to use.


A broadcast of Mr. Okhotsk's Cooking Time is barely perceivable through static.


A buzzing fly exits the fridge.


The player can flip through issue 10 of a magazine titled "豚龍" (Pig Dragon), showing Bu completing various feats of strength with fire and lightning effects added.


The player can flip through "The Life Story or the Diary of Jumping Jack Bu". The handwriting is rather messy and filled with spelling mistakes and crossed-out words.


When I was little,my perunts told me to always rite my name on my own belongings. I'm the type that follows instructions to the lettur. That's why I've got the name Tatuno tsuro in the dragon tattoo on my bak. Tatusuro isn't just any old tattoo. Tatsuro is my only friend. Whenver I get angry, Tatsuro gets angry too and breathes fire. Whenever I'm sad, Tatsuro gets sad too and cries his eyes oiut. We're alwasy the same. Thats becuz Tatsuro is the dragon on my back.

When I was child, my parents sent me to k(a)rate class. BuT day after day I was hit with a straight kick to the chest and nocked over with another heel kick to the chest. I ran away evry time but was always cawt and thrashed. All I could think was "sum day I'll get you back." Every night my nose hit the wood and my tail crashed into the tree. My day of revenge came three years and 101 days later. I stepped back to avoid a hi kick from my teacher and struck with my tail. My teacher summersalted and fell over. It was the best day of my life. Buu.

I'm fatt. My mom and my relations aer all fatt. I'm a pig, so theres no kwestion of whether I'm fatt or thin. That's just what pigs are. Wunce, I went on a diet, which was a Cumpleet waste of time, but now I just luv eating. Roast pork, trotters, you name it, I eat anything. The best way you can make food happy is to eet it, I always eet everything up withoootut leaving anything. Buu.

I like making resolutions for the future. "Wun day I'll lose weight." I always make this vow when I see a reflection of myself in the mirrer. But this is wrong. Pigs are fat, and whether or not I eat, my shape isn't going to change. Buu. "I'll get my revenge wun day." I achieved this as a result of tough k(a)rate training. "Wun day I'll get rich." When I was poor, I vowed this as I was out selling (my) own body. "I know!" I thawt. With my knowledge of k(a)rate I successfully auditioned and now I'm an action star. Buu!


"Let sleeping dogs lie."

Pon is shown to be dizzy after the beat down he received from Jumping Jack Bu.


Literally: To wake a sleeping baby.

We're better off leaving well enough alone and not meddling in things that have already been settled. To do so is like waking up a dog or baby that you have worked so hard to put to sleep-and we all know how noisy and difficult they can be when they're awake. Pon couldn't leave well enough alone and had to copy Cho. He went too far, though, and ended up waking up Jumping Jack Bu, who of course wasn't too happy about it. However, this is not to say that you shouldn't make waves if you see something you believe is wrong. By all means, you should speak out-but at the same time be prepared for the consequences.


  • In his diary, Jumping Jack Bu talks about how he eats having so much of an appetite that he will eat roast pork and trotters, seeming to imply that Bu may be a cannibal.
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