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Features: Banaten, Cho, Pon

Nobody's is one of the 27 words in Rolypolys no Nanakorobi Yaoki.


Banaten is reviewing his plans for a ladder mechanism. He takes the finished ladder mechanism outside to a tree. Using his laptop, he enables a utility bucket for him to ride in and makes the ladder extend. Once he has ridden up to the top, Banaten attempts to climb onto a large branch, but only manages to grab hold with one arm. During the process, he knocks over the ladder, leaving him hanging from the tree. Cho happens to be chasing Pon around the tree at this time, and Pon runs into the tree. Pon's collision with the tree causes Banaten to lose his grip and fall head-first onto Pon.


"Nobody's perfect."

Banaten walks across the screen, dissatisfied with his results.


Literally: Even a monkey falls from a tree.

Even the best of us sometimes makes a mistake. Monkeys are masters at climbing tress―although Banaten is pretty hopeless at it and needs to use a ladder. Yet even the monkeys can slip up and go crashing to the ground. As beginners, we're usually pretty careful about what we're doing. But once we become a little good at it, we tend to become a bit careless, even overconfident of our skills. This is when we are ripe for a fall. Look out for the unexpected; 'cause after all, nobody's perfect, are they?


  • The code scrolling next to the model of the ladder is in Lingo, the programming language of Macromedia Director which the game is made in. The code appears to be a general-purpose script for clicking on buttons throughout the game, and involves playing a sound called "button 1" when the event "cntrlClick" occurs.
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