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As a warning, this page is fairly informal in tone.

no it is highly formal !!!!!!111!1!!1

A page just to document what needs to be done on the wiki. Suggestions are appreciated!

Suggestions that have been completed are archived here.


  • Possibly use grabbers to take pages from the abandoned Eastern Mind/Chu-Teng wiki? No idea how good they would be.
    • Isn't that plagarism? Does Fandom even allow for Creative Commons? Ga-show (talk) 22:20, 24 March 2022 (PDT)
      • Wiki grabbers are used all the time in actual migrations of wikis, and are officially defined by Wikipedia itself. Considering the abandoned state of the other wikis, it may be fine? Either way, seeing as we plan to rewrite all those articles as-is, it may not be too big a deal... Camwoodstock (talk) 11:27, 26 March 2022 (PDT)
  • Customize the site's appearance?
    • CSS in general would be good, actually.
      • Camwoodstock has added some baller CSS, so we're no longer sporting the default Wikipedia look. Maybe next on the list is figuring out how to make a dark mode? Badcafe (talk)
  • Create some proper staff roles so users can possibly protect/delete articles without begging Badcafe to do so.
  • Possibly additional maintenance templates like a robust "todo" template with a field that can be customized.
  • Sourcing some external information stuff.


Eastern Mind

  • Finishing the Item pages. The only pages missing info outright as of last update are:
    • Tong-Nou Illustrated Book (fully transcribed the book) the only hurdle is the damn Internal Server Error. Fixing this should be the highest priority.
      • This is currently walled by the 500 Internal Server Error issues.
  • Tong-Nou Book-styled template to make excerpts from the Tong-Nou Book fit better with the page overall and include transcribed information from the Book, without bloating the Infoboxes by shoehorning book info into them (currently highest priority, next to finishing Item pages)
  • Making the Character pages
    • Making a flexible Eastern Mind Character infobox that fits both reincarnations, kings, and side-characters
  • Create redirects for common spellings or capitalizations or other such things (e.g. Eyeglasses for Eye-Glasses, Eyeball Stone for Eyeball-Stone (currently low-priority, creating the pages themselves is an upper priority)
  • Add more images for Items, namely their images in the world of Tong-Nou and not just their furoshiki icons (currently lowest-priority, would be nice to have and to work on in the future, but not the focus)


  • Everything, maybe wait until Eastern Mind's pages are done though.

LSD: Dream Emulator

  • Make a page/expand pages on LSD:DE-related media
    • Lovely Sweet Dream
    • LSD Promo Magazine
    • The lost other promo magazine
    • Lovely Sweet Dream and Followers (fan project)
    • One for all the promotional art/postcards?
  • Mechanics
    • Expand page about Linking
    • List of FMVs/text dream entries, which days they can appear on
      • Page about the ending?
    • Make a page about music mechanics (soundfonts and stuff)
    • Make a page about the day cycles
    • Make a page about Flashbacks
    • Teleports
    • Page on sky/fog/clouds and stuff
      • 'Sky Effects' section still needs images
      • The game chooses certain presets for certain fields on certain days
        • Find out when the cycle repeats, if there even is one (not 40 days, perhaps 90 days?)
        • Make a full list of these presets, and when they're used on what day
  • Fields
    • Standardize field pages (some have the sections out of order)
    • Add more categories for fields
    • For each field, sort the entity list by even/odd days
  • Data analysis and shenanigans
    • Make a page about data analysis
    • Page for the unused SYMDOG.MOM model
    • Make a page about glitches
      • Wall-clipping, trigger bypassing, glitch textures

Rolypolys duology


  • Everything, even more aggressively because this game is almost entirely un-documented.


  • Everything, but a little less aggro.

Pocket Montage

  • considering redirecting to a new page, Kimokawa, as this is the original name of the app. Or, if nothing else, mentioning what it was originally called in the existing article.

Lost Media

  • Update Compu Movie article with demo CD/interview findings


  • Finish all the pages, possibly including galleries
  • Artwork collection navbox would be nice, too. Done. -- Moai-kun (talk)



Osamu Sato

  • Realistically this is just the one page about the guy but, yeah, actually expanding upon it would be good.
  • Make pages for various exhibitions he has hosted
  • Maybe an article for Outside Directors Company could go in this category. Badcafe (talk)



  • Expanding the scope of the Meta section itself would be good.
    • Maybe make pages about certain notable community things? That's to be decided, though.