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The Tokyo Academy of Hairdressing & Beauty (東京美容専門学校, Tōkyō biyō senmon gakkō), commonly referred to as TAHB, is a beauty school located in Shinjuku City, Tokyo. From 1999 to 2007, the school's mascots were four characters designed by Sato. There was a mascot for each letter of the school's acronym, Toky for T, Acadey for A, Haird for H, and Beaty for B. Toky, Acadey, and Beaty would later appear as characters in Rhythm 'n' Face.

Top Page

From October 1999 to May 2007, the front page of the TAHB website would feature a new image of the mascots every month. There was also a "Top Page Album" page that served as a collection of all of these images. Top Page images would often celebrate a holiday, welcome the new season, or feature writing by one of the mascots.


100 collectible postcards featuring the TAHB mascots were released, with 25 postcards for each mascot. These postcards were distributed in several areas throughout Tokyo in June 2000. Each postcard featured its mascot with a unique hairstyle and outfit. However, it seems that Toky's 21st postcard was never uploaded to the website.

Are you ready to start?

Are you ready to start? is a picture book featuring the TAHB mascots that could be ordered through email. The book tells the story of how the mascots discovered that they wanted to be hairdressers. Unfortunately, only a few low-quality images of the book are available online.[1]



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