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Equal is a 1995 album by Osamu Sato, released by Sony. Several tracks feature musical elements from Chu-Teng.


Originally published in Japan, the CD was also released in Europe in 1996, by S3. As with Transmigration, there was also a vinyl sampler version.


1. Equalize

2. Face The Music (Wagon Christ Mix)

3. Retrofit

4. Genetic Scale (Goh Hotoda Mix)

5. Chu-Teng (Hungy Futurist Mix)

6. Transmigration (Tony Morley Mix)

7. A Spaceman Made Of Stars

8. Face-savers On Line (F.S.O.L. Mix)

9. Retrocognition

10. Didi-Shou-Chang (A Part Of Miyako Island's Traditional Cradle Song)