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Homosexual sato cover small.png
Original name Homosexual
Release date April 1993
Format Book
Lost? Owned but not scanned

Homosexual is a series of artworks created through a collaboration between Osamu Sato and fellow artist Hideki Nakazawa. The exhibition was held in Minato, Tokyo in April 1993.

A book compiling all of the featured artworks was published by Tom's Box, and was available for purchase during the exhibition. Visitors had the option of buying the book on its own, or with an 800k floppy disk containing an animation. Its existence was not well known to the community until copies appeared for sale at Sato's 2017 exhibition All Things Must Be Equal, sans disk. Nakazawa himself provided the animation file after being contacted.

A recording of the animation may be viewed on YouTube, and a download of the animation as well as scans of the book's cover art are available from the Osamu Sato Archive.