Experimental Demo Tapes

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Experimental Demo Tapes
Original name Experimental Demo Tapes
Release date 17. November 2020
Format EP
Lost? No
Image of CD-R posted by Osamu Sato on his Twitter account.

Experimental Demo Tapes is a 3-track EP by Osamu Sato, containing demo versions of his newly recorded work. It was lost media until November 11th, 2022, when FLAC rips of the songs and scans of the artwork were linked on the Osamu Sato Discord. Track 2 was previously heard in a speed paint video posted on Sato's new Youtube channel.


The CD-R was exclusively released as part of his "Thank You" set at the 2020 Linen Records Pop Up Store. Initially only 5 sets were made, however an additional 5 were made later due to demand.


1. 01 Track 1

2. 02 Track 2

3. 03 Track 3

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