Shibuya Island

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Shibuya has colorful buildings and the Hachiko statue

Shibuya Island is the second island Iken visits in Tokyo Wakusei Planetokio. The island is home to subculture, Yoyogi Park and the great Hachiko statue. It is been terrorized by an cute-things collecting alien Fuwafuwa.


Teddy Bear
Bag of trash
Chewing gum

Notable Civilians

Convinience store Clerk
Shibuya no Joe
Pigeon gang
Boy with glasses


As Iken was deciding on a head for his robot, Naomitakes him to a toy store called Giddy Park. As Iken was at the checkout, Fuwafuwa invades the store, knocks Iken unconscious, and takes Ms. S and Naomi on hostage. Iken was saved by a young man with the LSD t-shirt who suggest him to cool down at the Yoyogi Park in Harajuku, and warns him about the presence of the "Give Us Homes Faction". Iken heads to Yoyogi Park which is behind the debris of Giddy Park, to find the entrance was being blocked by garbage. The young man next to the park, asks Iken to bring the cleaning van here. As Iken approached the van blocking the path, the van flew off to the back street. Iken finally catches up with van and the man agrees to clean up the garbage in the park. With the garbage out of the way, Iken enters the park to meet a lone beggar. The beggar is Shibuya no Joe, who is a member of the Give Us Homes Faction. Instead of brushing him off, he insists Iken to meet up with the boss of the Pigeon gang. He sends a pigeon to communicate with the gang, but receives a call that the pigeon he sent, was captured by a group of young people who are against the pigeon gang. Iken hurried to the kid who caught the pigeon and jostle the cage to release them, whom the pigeon flew to the top of Hachiko statue. The pigeon guarding the statue, thanked Iken and invites him to meet up with the pigeon boss. At the top of the statue, Iken meets another member of the faction, Kurofuku, who then tells Iken that the pigeon liked him and they wanted to help him communicate with boss and convince him to defeat Fuwafuwa and save Naomi. The boss at first was strict to Iken , but after Iken and the pigeon's intervention, he accepts Iken bravery and rewards him with a Teddy Bear. Iken faces Fuwafuwa inside Giddy Park. He first clogs up Fuwafuwa's vacuum nozzle with the Teddy Bear and finishes off with the items he collected in the island.

Stamp Locations

There are two stamp robot locations in Shibuya island. One in Harajuku and one next to Hachiko statue.


Shibuya island was modeled after an actual place in Tokyo with the same name. Notably Shibuya, Harajuku and Yoyogi Park are popular among youth. The statue of Hachiko serves as a popular meet up spot. Shibuya was once famous for the Halloween event until 2023 when it was banned.