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Feel free to add your own projects here! Fan art should go on a different (as of yet non-existent) part of the site, because otherwise it would dominate this page.

Tong-Nou and Chu-Teng

LSD: Dream Emulator


  • mac.kadath.org | English encyclopedia on the game
  • Sagyoyo | Japanese encyclopedia on the game containing maps of each level
  • LSD-25 | Japanese encyclopedia on the game consistently updated since 2003, character pages seem to be broken


Rhythm 'n' Face

  • Sato Shapes | Webapp that allows users to make art in the style of Rhythm 'N' Face with triangles, circles, and squares
  • Open Manifold | Free open-source clone of Rhythm 'N' Face for PC, allows custom level creation and sharing. Compatible with faces made in Sato Shapes