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Reincarnation is one of the main game mechanics in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. It is triggered whenever Rin dies. Upon death, Rin's soul will be sent to the roots of the Mingke-shu to choose from a selection of body parts. There are two eyes, two noses, and two mouths. The parts chosen determines what character Rin will reincarnate as.

Body parts

  • Oval mouth (leftmost mouth)
  • Blue eye (leftmost eye)
  • Dotted nose (leftmost nose)
  • Lips mouth (rightmost mouth)
  • Line nose (rightmost nose)
  • Sun eye (rightmost eye)


This table displays the combinations of body parts needed to reincarnate as certain characters.

Eye Nose Mouth
Byou Sun Dotted Lips
Tou Blue Dotted Oval
Sha Blue Line Oval
Kai Sun Line Lips
Jin Blue Dotted Lips
Retsu Sun Line Oval
Zen Sun Dotted Oval
Gyou Blue Line Lips