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Land Shi-chieng
Location Tong-tah
Role Creature

Ni-a-mong is a member of the A-mong Family of thieves, and is associated with the Land of Time Shi-chieng.


Ni-a-mong shares the same general look as the rest of the A-mong family. Much like them, Ni-a-mong is a tripedal humanoid creature donning wooden sandals, a cape, a symbol on their chest, and a hat with an eyeball and seal with a symbol on it. Ni-a-mong is distinguished by their turquoise coloration, as well as their symbol of choice being two vertical lines (the Tong-Nou Script symbol for "2").


Ni-a-mong will randomly appear on Floor 2 of the Fire Tower of Time Tong-tah. When clicked on they will attempt to steal a random item from the Furoshiki and dash off.

Item Preference

Ni-a-mong will attempt to steal the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book, Compass, or Eye-Glasses. Should Rin have none of those items, they will be unable to steal anything.

Tong-Nou Book Entry


[...] Ni-a-mong will take anything. [...]


  • Strangely, and perhaps counter-intuitively, Ni-a-mong does not actually take any item like his entry in the Tong-Nou Book may suggest; he has a preference for items that are primarily useful inside Shi-chieng.
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