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Item Type Utility
Source First Death
Item ID 46

The Mirror (鏡) is an item in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. It effectively serves as a reminder of the player's current goals.


The Mirror is obtained upon Rin's first death.


When used, the Mirror will show which character the player is currently playing as on its reflection, as well as information about that character's mission. Like the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book, it can be used at any time, and will return the player to where they were upon exiting.


The text that the Mirror will say as specific characters is contained below.

  • Rin (first life): When all of the five Magatamas have been found, your soul will be restored.
  • Rin (reincarnated): When all of the five Magatamas have been found, your soul will be restored. The final clue lies within the Central Mountain. Head for the Central Mountain with the nine Nameplates you have acquired.
  • Jin: Jin was supposed to be a faithful subordinate of King-gyou. But, an unsuccessful transmigration caused his body to melt.
  • Retsu: No one is allowed into the Tree of Life, except the King of Life. But, only Retsu can open the gates of this Tree of Life.
  • Zen: In the Land of Dreaming, all outsiders who disrupt dreaming are disliked. Zen is the only one who can withstand the coldness and guard the ice walls of Mon-chien (Land of Dreaming).
  • Gyou: Time of life is influenced by the Ritual of Time. When the Candles of Time are put out, the time of life begin.
  • Byou: In Mon-chien (Land of Dreaming), the Eyeball of Dreaming is gradually weakening. Only Byou who possesses a Wrench can obtain a new Eyeball of Dreaming from Ming-ken (Land of Life).
  • Tou: To receive time in Tong-Nou each new life, born from the Tree of Life, must be registered in Shi-chien (Land of Time). Tou, who possesses a Disc of Wood, is the only one that can register life.
  • Sha: Four musical instruments are hidden in this world. When all four have been acquired, you will also acquire beautiful music. Sha, who possesses the Bell of Gold, is the only one who can acquire all four musical instruments.
  • Kai: Time of life is influenced by the Ritual of Time. When the Candles of Time are put out with the Water of Dreaming, life will come to an end. Kai, who possesses the Leaf Sack, is the only one who can draw Water of Dreaming from the Land of Dreaming.



  • The Mirror's dialogue for Rin's first life can only be seen if the player uses the Mirror while on the screen to obtain his Nameplate.
  • Strangely, if the Mirror is looked into as Rin (both as his initial life and his reincarnation), it lacks any visible reflection.
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