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Compu Movie is a VHS tape released by Tierrart (ティエラルト) in 1994, featuring a collection of Amiga and Macintosh computer animations produced by OSD for various clients. It was only available for purchase through the company, in a similar fashion to the Linen Sampler promo CD. Compu Movie's page on the old OSD website (Japanese) claims it features music by Shinobu Narita, Sato himself, and The Sync (produced by Goh Hotoda).

Only a limited amount of information is known about Compu Movie's contents, as it's considered lost media.

Alphabetical Animals Video

Screenshots from the article.

The July 1994 edition of Wired magazine features a short interview with Sato, and also claims the presence of an Alphabetical Orgasm video on Compu Movie. It's most likely that they meant to say Alphabetical Animals instead, seeing that the video contains the letters from that series of artwork. The magazine also claims that Compu Movie was "Macintosh-generated", although this may not pertain to every animation in the collection. An archived version of the official OSD site specifies it contains Amiga and Macintosh animations.

A presumably clipped version of the full video is available on OSD's YouTube Channel, titled "". In addition to fading out prematurely there's one screenshot in the Wired article, containing Sato's face, which is lacking from

Deme Kume Chame-Go

In Sato's Next Beat interview, there are brief clips of a 3D animation titled "Deme Kume Chame-Go". Shown below this title is the text "コンピュムービーより", which translates to "From Compu Movie".

I LOVE YOU / OSD310 Youtube Channel

Seeing that several of the clips from the OSD310 channel ended up appearing on The Esoteric Retina (Xia-Che, Trancemigration, The Earth is Round), it's possible that they also uploaded other clips from Compu Movie. "I LOVE YOU" is a likely candidate for several reasons. First of all it was produced for Tierrart, the same company which released Compu Movie. Like, it features elements (in this case, numbers) from Alphabetical Animals. It also appears to fade out prematurely, implying there's more to be seen.