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Land Yui-wang
Location Luo-shang
Role Creature/Land

Chi-fang (Chi Hu A N), the Room of Appetite, is a room within the Helix Palace Luo-shang. The character itself is a giant pair of lips with two disembodied golden arms, although the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book shows that it has an invisible stomach. The room itself will appear empty, until Rin walks to the back wall and turns around, when the message "You're feeling an indication from behind" appears. Turning back and clicking on the wall painting then materializes Chi-fang, who invites the player to a feast so long as they have the Chopsticks.

If Rin consumes five meals from Chi-fang, his stomach explodes from over-eating and he dies. This can be countered with the Panacea, or the Morning Glory.


Chi-fang is a simple square room, with Chi-fang himself serving as a mural on the wall. By walking to the back wall and back, Rin will receive an "indication from behind". From there, turning around and interacting with him on the back wall causes him to appear, and using the Chopsticks will allow Rin to join him in feast.


  • Chi-fang


  1. Tenderloin
  2. Skewer dish
  3. Eggs
  4. Special Noodles
  5. Cake

Tong-Nou Book Entry

Tong-Nou Illustrated Book page. Note the invisible stomach.

Chi-fang is the Room of Appetite itself, located in Yui-wang (Land of Desire). This bottomless pit emits food only to engulf it again. Praises his own practice as being economical and ecological. Through this pursuit his body has evolved into mere lips, arms and a stomach.


Wonders why he sustains such a large appetite and a love for food. Overloading the stomach of strangers can be more fun.


Small appetites and discriminating palates are terribly disappointing.


The player can simply ignore Chi-fang if they do not wish to. In fact, the player is free to leave at basically any point; only if they eat the Cake will the player either require the use of either the Panacea or the Morning Glory to not die. Notably, the Amulet and the Hitogata will not save the player; the player can thusly die with them in their inventory. This can be used to preserve the Amulet for later use aside from deliberately wasting it for Rin, though there are definitely much faster ways to die while retaining the Amulet.

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